Vicki's Best Real Estate Service


Passion, responsibility, hard work, knowledge, and experience are the 5 factors to distinguish a normal real estate agent to an excellent Realtor. My goal is to have each transaction be one step in a life long relationship. I want each of my clients to turn to me first when they need any help or advice about real estate, and they did. I helped many clients to buy their homes, sell their properties, get the best loan, and find investment oppornities since 2005. Almost all my clients from referal. Please see below services I provide for you. For your special need or scenario, please contact me.  Your satisfication is my success!

For Buyer
For Seller

Buying a home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. The home buying process can be fun and exciting, but it is also an intricate process involving contracts, details, time and energy. Vicki and her team will assist you through the difficultiest, and free up your time and energy to make the experience more rewarding.


  • Search listings, property identification.

  • Notify you the new listings that match your criteria.

  • Free CMA report, real estate analysis report, and other information which I gained from years of experience and learning.

  • Free Real Estate Market watch updates for listings in your area.

  • Weekly/Monthly summary of the real estate market you want to know.

  • Free Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.

  • Financial advice - Loans, Mortgages, interest and tax benefits by working with licensed tax advisor.

  • Community information.

  • After sale service


Vicki and her team are a full service brokerage and will help you with the entire home buying process. Let's make it happen!



My Goals:

  • Maximize your profit on the sale of your home.

  • Sell your home quickly without making sacrifices.

  • Minimize the inconveniences you face while selling your home.


My services:

  • Preparation - We evaluate your property, prepare a market analysis and prepare marketing materials.

  • Marketing - We list your property on the Internet and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We use high tech method to assist the fast, vast and easy selling.

  • Process Management - We work to qualify prospective buyers and arrange schedules to show your property.

  • Offers & Negotiations -

  • Closing the Sale - We complete contract paperwork, assist with financing, arrange inspections and appraisals, schedule, prepare for and participate in the closing.

  • After Service


If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse my website for valuable information on preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes.

For Borrower
For Investor

Want to lower your interest rate? Or want to know how much house price you can afford? It is not only what I can do for you.  I do more for my borrowers:

1. Choose the best rate and program for you among 20+ lenders, including direct lenders and creative lenders;

2. Provide free loan approval letter OR even stronger DU approval letter;

3. Speicla loan program for borrower to choose, such as stated Income (不查收入)loan, foreclosure credit history, low FICO score, no QM loan, Second Home loan, etc.

4. Maximize your best tax beneifit by working with license tax advisor or CPA.

5. If you are 62 and older, with equity in your house, I can do reserver mortage for you to supply your retirement income without moving out from your house.

I am not only a real estate broker, Realtor, but also an investor. I helped and am helping many investors, so I know what investors want. I work with diffrent vendors, companies, brokers to present best and unique investment opporuntiy in USA. Please contact me for more information.