Rate Sheet

What to know the latest rate of different loan program? How much monthly payment will be for different loan amount? How much loan you are qualified? Please clik Rate Sheet.  What to know if you are qualified for lowest rate and best term? please contact Vicki.

FAQ of Loan
You can find typical questions and answers from borrowers on this page. If you can't find the answers of your questions, please contact Vicki. Vicki can set up free one-to-one consultant with you. Vicki's experience and due diligence definitely can help you.
Loan Case Study

Meet difficulty when you apply for a loan? Click here the "Loan Case Study" to see if you have same loan scenario. Contact senior loan officer Vicki for detailed solution for your loan.

Form and Documents
Pre-Apporval Letter

Vicki can provide free loan approval letter for you. Below is the material for strong loan pre-approval letter:

1. Recent 2-year W2

2. Recent 2-Month Bank/Stock Statements

3. Recent 2 Pay Stubs

4. Copy of Driver's License

5. If Self-Employed: Last 2 Year Tax Return (1040) w/All Schduels

6. Signed Loan Application Form (1003)


Download Loan Application Form (1003 form).
For more questions, please Contact Vicki.