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As Realtor in North California, we use special and professional MLS websites, which is open for Real Estate agent and other Real Estate licensees only. You can use this MLS Search for brief search. For any detailed and non-public information about any property, community, city, real estate market, please contact Vicki.

Vicki recommends 1-2 properties every week for first time home buyers or investors. These properties are afforable, have good condition or have good cash flow. Vicki calculates the mortgage payment every month for home buyers. Click here to see the properties.

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Vicki helped many buyers, sellers, borrowers and investors to find their homes, sell their properties, get the best loan, and find investment oppornities during last 8 years. Please see the service Vicki can provide for you. For your special need or scenario, please contact Vicki.  Your satisfication is my goal!

Any questions about Real Estate? What to know the difference of the closing cost in different County? What to know why the closing cost in Berkerly and Oakland are much higher than San Jose? Click here to see the FAQ of Real Estate. If you can't find the answer of your question, please feel free to contact Vicki. She will provide you satisfied answer.

Vicki 曾经帮助过数十位来自国内的购房者在美国买房。如果您来想在美国购房,但是不知道如何入手,或者您想使用您熟悉的语言了解美国的购房程序,请点击这里,就可以看到相关的知识。如果您没有找到问题的答案,或者想了解更多的资讯,请联系Vicki,安排免费的一对一咨询和看房。

 Luxury Home in Bay Area



View the beautiful homes in San Francisco Bay Area. Maybe you will be the neighbor of new IPO entrepreneur millionaire, CEO of Facebook, big shareholder of Apple, Google, etc.....

What to know more real estate knowledge, infomation, such as school district information, demostration information of some city, or others? Please click here.