Loan Case Study


Meet difficulty when you apply for a loan? Contact senior loan officer Vicki. She can help you with her experience and due diligence. Below are some cases Vicki met.

My credit score is low,  how can I get the loan I want?
My income is not high enough for my dream house, how you can help me?

Borrwer Jack thought his credit score is good, but after we checked his score, we found his score was only 620, which is not enough for good rate. Vicki read his credit report, and found the reason why his score was low. She introduced Jack reputable "credt score modification company" to repair his score. It only costed Jack $300 and 30 days to improve his score to 680. Vicki helped Jack successfully refi his loan with lower rate.

Jenny works as an assistant in a day care center. Her income was not high enough for the property she wanted. She came to Vicki for help. After reviewed her situation and talked with her , Vicki suggested Jenny to chose ARM program, and found co-signer. With Vicki's help, Jenny found qualified co-signer and got her loan.

Take everything into account to give client maxium profit.
New immigration can get loan, too. 

Mr. Jin owns 2 properties: his owner-occupied property, and one investment property. His investment property has $450K loan and his owner-occupied property has $350K loan.  He wanted to refi the loan of the investment porperty. Vicki suggested him to re-organize the loan structure: lower the loan amount of investment property to below $417K, and borrow more on his owner-occupied property. With Vicki's help, Mr.Jin pay $400/m less on the two properties.

Julia immigrated to USA July 2013, and bought her house with all cash. In July 2014 Julia need fund for her business. She asked Vicki if she could cash out fund from her house. Vicki helped successfully Julia to cash-out-refi her house, and Julia received 70% of the apprasail value of her house.

I graduated from college last year, can I get the loan?

Mary graduated from college half year ago, and she is working as engieer for half year. She wants to buy a 2-bedroom condo not only for live but also for tax reason. Though Mary's working history is only half year, Vicki helped her to get her loan.

Another creative and easy choice of retirement plan for senior without selling your loving  house.

Mr. and Mrs. Chang are senior couple. They all retired with only income from social security. They bought their house 50 years ago, and already paid off the loan. Mr. and Mrs. Chang planed to sell their house, move to other city, and use the gain to make a living. Vicki presented them another choice, so they don't need sell their house. Now they not only live in their house, benefit the low property tax, but also have extra income every month.